12th – 13th October 2021
Bringing together the Joint Fire Support community
3 countries, 1 C4FS system

ESG’s TARANIS® ADLER system has a long history of successfully delivering key command & control capabilities for Joint Fire Support across Europe. For over 25 years, TARANIS® ADLER has played a crucial role at the heart of the German artillery system. The Swiss Army and the Lithuanian Artillery have also recently chosen to implement TARANIS® ADLER, tailored to their national requirements.

We have founded the TARANIS® ADLER User Forum to network and strengthen this user community - and also to enable the users to share their experience and ideas with other nations looking to improve their C2 capabilities for Joint Fire Support.

Save the date!
Join us at the first TARANIS ADLER User Forum
12th – 13th October 2021 at ESG in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

The event will take place over two half days. As well as insightful presentations by the TARANIS® ADLER user nations – German Artillery, Lithuanian Artillery, Swiss Army – there will be numerous opportunities for networking and discussion.

Draft Agenda
12th October

12:00 Registration & networking lunch

14:00 Presentations by ESG & German Artillery

18:00 Networking dinner

13th October

09:00 Presentations by Swiss Army, armasuisse & Lithuanian Artillery

12:00 ADLER demonstrations

13:00 Networking lunch


If you have any questions regarding the event or would be interested in receiving an invitation, please contact us: