System & Software Development

innovative, practical solutions

for complex mission tasks

Only the perfect interplay between all its individual components can ensure that your system works reliably and to its optimum potential. We can do this: our real-time software allows us to implement even the most demanding functions. We take care of the entire development for you – from planning to launch, support and maintenance during use.

The aim of system development is to find innovative, practical solutions for complex mission tasks.

This includes an optimised human-machine interface. As a system integrator, we ensure that sensors, data processing systems and communications equipment record all the relevant information in real time. These huge quantities of data are processed and presented to the user ergonomically and in a way that suits their current situation.

This is

what our system and software development offers

  • We take a hardware-neutral approach to developing your systems in order to ensure that you get the best value for your Money.
  • We maintain a constant dialogue both with you and with your users throughout the entire development process. This minimises developmental risks, saving you time and Money.
  • Our decades of specialisation allow us to bring comprehensive practical experience to every Project.
  • We develop certified software in accordance with national and international quality standards: ESG software architectures are compatible with any system.
  • The interdisciplinary technology transfer established at ESG allows you to benefit from the success of previous projects and our experience of using cutting-edge electronic technology in a variety of industries.
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