About us

The development, integration and in-service support of operationally ready systems brings with it many complex challenges of a technical and logistical nature. Components from differing manufacturers must be able to work together effectively. Complex functionality must remain intuitive to use, the user must be involved with realistic concepts from an early development phase, and, of course, the systems must remain combat ready throughout an often extremely long lifecycle.

Operationally Ready Systems
We solve challenges completely

ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY has always been passionate about meeting the demanding technical and operational requirements of our German government customers: Vendor neutrality and customer loyalty are extremely important criteria for us in providing the right solution. Proactive, forward-looking, we create operational innovation to focus on meeting the future challenges in internal and external security. Our vision, action and the variety of solutions we create result from our deep knowledge of the defence domain and from our connection and solidarity with our long-standing customers.

ESG was founded over 50 years ago, to reduce the conflict potential in embedded systems and to ensure that the inherent complexity remains manageable. As a manufacturer-neutral prime contractor, in all questions of system development, ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY takes its responsibilities very seriously and has, for over a half century, delivered a highly valued contribution to the preservation of internal and external security.