Tailor-made solutions

ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY helps to increase safety at sea with tailor-made solutions and services. We advise maritime and naval authorities and industry, conduct studies and develop and integrate systems.

with tailor-made solutions and services

Our core competencies encompass the following topics

  • Maritime systems: We analyse and verify customer requirements and system architectures, create demonstrators, and develop and integrate customer-specific IT solutions.
  • Project and system support: As a project and system support company, we help you with the specification of your requirements and with quality management. We also provide comprehensive advice and support regarding the safety & security of systems.
  • Vessel traffic management: We develop and operate vessel traffic management systems including system monitoring.
  • Offshore security: We offer the modular wind farm information system WiFIS for wind farms at sea. The web portal provides technical support for all construction, operation and maintenance phases and maps all logistical requirements.

In the project 'AIS – German Coast' we established and put into operation a coast-wide automatic identification system for ships. AIS (Automatic Identification System) improves security and optimises the flow of traffic on waterways.

Benefit from our specialised knowledge
in the field of maritime solutions
  • We are known for our hardware and manufacturer independence. We look for the best solution to meet your requirements perfectly.
  • We also handle complex processes. With the process know-how of our experienced specialists, each project is a success.
  • You can rely on our long-standing experience in the maritime sector, which we enhance with our IT and system expertise.
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