Product Lifecycle Management
Tailored solutions – integrated implementation

From the development phase to operation and phase-out of complex, long-term assets: we are the independent partner to the Bundeswehr and industry.

Maximum readiness
with simultaneous cost reduction


  • All product life cycle management (PLM) services from a single source
  • Improved readiness and availability of your systems
  • High flexibility thanks to neutral consulting
  • We undertake the identification and substitution of obsolete components for you: our hazardous substance and obsolescence management extends throughout the entire life cycle of technical systems
  • Reduction in your total life cycle costs through our obsolescence management
  • Handling of strict safety requirements and standards
  • High level of experience in the defence technology sector
Our services in
Product Lifecycle Management
  • Hazard assessments with OSIMA®
  • Environmental compatibility analyses
  • CE marks / product conformity
Integrated Logistic Support
  • Logistic support analysis
  • Product observation
  • Life cycle cost management
  • Obsolescence management
Logistic Forecast Capability
  • Logistic analyses
  • Logistic simulation
  • Tools (OpusSuite, AnyLogic, InfoZoom®, SASPF BI)
Documentation & IETD
  • Spare parts catalogue / materials management
  • System sheets
  • Technical illustrations
  • NATO cataloguing
  • Central control and local processing for operation and maintenance of the product/system
  • Tools: QuILS/APART


Logistic Concepts & Studies
  • Project-related logistics concept
  • Material maintenance concept
  • Device repair concept
  • Logistic analyses with simulation
Material Management
  • Material and spare part management incl. procurement
  • Target & requirements management
  • Inventory management
  • Complaints management
  • Supply from one or multiple storage facilities
  • Repairs control (device management) for land vehicles
  • Interface with SASPF and therefore full integration into the LogSysBw
  • Tool: MDNpro


Traffic & Transport

Methodological and operative support for transport management across transport carriers

  • Support for the Traffic & Transport department of the Bundeswehr logistics centre with INTRALOG
  • IT tasks
  • Service provider for operation and performance controlling in transport logistics
  • Tasks in process organisation
  • Support tasks for SASPF
Our references
  • Operation of the Central Bundeswehr Spare Parts Logistics (ZEBEL) and materials management A400M
  • Execution of hazard assessments and environmental compatibility analyses for the Bundeswehr and industry
  • Integrated logistic support (ILS) – analyses for systems of the Bundeswehr and industry (e.g. MEADS, LFK METEOR)
  • Life cycle cost management (LCCM) – support for project departments at BAAINBw in recording and maintaining life cycle costs (e.g. LFK METEOR)
  • Analysis of logistics processes, mass data and data quality management and optimisation of spare parts stocking for the Bundeswehr and industry
  • Creation and amendment of the technical documentation in accordance with ASD S1000D and S2000M for airborne and land-based weapons systems of the Bundeswehr
  • Civilian commercial support for the Traffic & Transport department of the Bundeswehr logistics centre with INTRALOG (online transport request recording)
  • Development of forecast capability for material readiness of the Air dimension, based on the example of the Eurofighter weapons system
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