Logistic Services
Efficient logistics with the ESG services
Logistical integrator
Integrator roll
  • Adaptation of commercial logistics services to the military value chain
  • Operation of warehouses & supply chains
  • Interface with SASPF and therefore full integration into the LogSysBw
  • Interface & IT services for correct data exchange
  • Project, process & risk management
  • Involvement & integration of further partners and services
  • Sampling & quality assurance
  • Domain knowledge
  • Classified material support for the Federal Government regarding confidentiality
  • Neutral partner without product interests
For logistical overall solutions such as
  • Host nation support
  • Accommodation in deployment
  • Encampment module system
  • Camp logistics
  • Munitions logistics
  • Marine logistics
  • Sanitation logistics
For future weapons systems such as
  • Heavy transport helicopters
  • Tactical air defence system TLVS
  • Multi-purpose fighting ship MKS180
Performance Based Logistics
  • Approach for holistic system support for the fleet of a weapons system
  • Clear distribution of tasks between industry and the armed forces
  • Based on incentive-oriented contract drafting
  • Objectives:
    • Continuously improving reliability, availability and supply capability
    • Reducing or at least stabilising life cycle costsalten
Master data management

Creating structure data sheets (SDS) and structuring technical objects with the following focuses:

  • Creating & adapting SDS and template structures in the productive system SASPF
  • Highlighting effects on the productive system SASPF
  • Data maintenance in SASPF/SinN
  • Creation and editing of target figure master data and target/actual comparisons
  • Creation and quality assurance of copy templates and harmonisation of these activities
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