supply Management
We control complex logistic networks

high-performance logistics

our ultimate goal

ESG's supply management ensures that spare parts are readily available whenever and wherever they are needed.

The prerequisite for this is high-performance logistics, an area to which ESG has dedicated itself for over 50 years. ESG assumes central logistic process functions in supply management: We control complex logistic networks for disposition, transport, warehousing and data processing.

It is our ultimate goal to supply companies with the materials they need for maintenance processes in a reliable, timely and efficient manner.

We achieve this with service level agreements that are tailored precisely to the needs of our customers. The German Armed Forces, for example, rely on the supply management solutions provided by ESG. These are synonymous with successful outsourcing projects and partnerships between the public and the private sectors. In the past few years, the German Armed Forces have significantly reduced their processing times, inventories and costs, whilst increasing material availability and process transparency.

Our service portfolio and capabilities

in the area of supply management

  • Material and spare parts management
  • Availability management
  • Management of logistic and maintenance processes
  • Controlling equipment and container circulation
  • Process outsourcing
  • Analysis of logistic processes and logistics mass data (logistics analysis) as well as data quality management
  • Set-up and operation of systems for logistic performance controlling
  • After-sales support

The benefits of ESG's supply management

  • As an innovation partner we provide you with intelligent software solutions. We thus ensure the secure availability of your systems.
  • Through the use of pioneering technology, we help you to optimise your logistic processes and reduce costs.
  • Your IT systems remain in operational use throughout the entire lifecycle and thus continue to be economical.
  • You receive a supply management solution that is tailored to your requirements and individual needs.
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