Product Lifecycle Management
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while reducing the costs

We also offer all our product lifecycle management services for the civilian sector: our Product Support Centre provides support for your complex systems throughout their service lives – including equipment made by other manufacturers.

The environmental aspect

is particularly important

Our optimum product lifecycle management allows us to guarantee maximum operational readiness while also reducing the costs:

  • In the design and development phase, we work on concepts for Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and Logistic Support Analyses (LSA). We provide support for the system throughout its development to improve its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • During the operational and usage phase, we continually assess failure data in order to determine the potential risks in a system. We then use this as the basis for adapting the system to fit new parameters, thus increasing its service life. We take care of the entire lifecycle: from technical logistics support (TLB) to the implementation of technical modifications and interactive electronic technical documentation (IETD) according to SPEC 1000D / 2000M.
  • During phase-out, the environmental aspect is particularly important. We draw up concepts for cost-effective recycling and disposal of your systems and products that take all environmental protection requirements into account.
  • Implementation of technical changes
  • Logistic process optimisation
  • Occupational safety and environmental protection management: Hazard and risk assessment with OSIMA®
  • Obsolescence services: Analysis and monitoring, solutions and procurement, IT tools and network
  • Lifecycle Cost Management (LCCM)
  • Technical and non-technical investigations

ESG’s product lifecycle management services

Product lifecycle management – the benefits to you

  • ESG's product lifecycle management helps you to keep your systems / products available and ready for operation.
  • The system will be ready for operation at all times.
  • We know our way around all software and systems – regardless of manufacturer.
  • We are also intimately familiar with the legal and industrial requirements.
  • We will take care of the identification and substitution of obsolete components for you: our hazardous materials and obsolescence management services cover the entire lifecycle of technical systems.
  • In order to ensure optimum product lifecycle management, huge amounts of data need to be managed, assessed and documented – continuously. We have all the necessary processes under control.
  • A comprehensive and reliable database reduces your warehousing costs.
  • We ensure the documentation complies with applicable legal and industrial standards.
  • Our IETD software solutions integrate graphics, detailed plans, and maintenance processes, providing user-friendly applications.
  • Our obsolescence management helps you to reduce your overall life cycle costs.
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