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Managing Material Master Data, creating Electronic Technical Publications, generating Spare Parts Lists - these are all essential processes in your Total Supply Chain. Our portfolio of highly affordable and user-friendly software enables you to structure tasks efficiently. Our Integrated IT Solutions simplify core processes – from Cataloguing Articles through Technical Documentation to Material Management.

Interactive Electronic Technical Publications/Documentation (IETP/IETD)
  • APART: Leading application creates, checks and edits spare parts catalogues and lists in accordance with ASD/AIA SPEC S1000D and S2000M.
  • QuILS-Author: Editorial system enables the creation of IETP in accordance with ASD/AIA SPEC S1000D.
  • QuILS-Retrieval: Web-based system enables documentation searches and logistical resource management.
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Material management
  • MDNpro: Web-based Material Management System is also used for Disposition and Planning.
Risk assessment
  • OSIMA® – Software and Services
Your Advantage
  • All software solutions can be combined with one another and be used individually, apart from one another.
  • All systems are modular-based. We can adapt them to your specific requirements: Workflows and Business Models.
  • We guarantee an increase in efficiency in logistic processes. You can catalogue your material more effectively and create IETP/IETD faster.
  • The applications comply with relevant international standards and specifications.
  • We use the software for our own logistic services – and incorporate suggestions for improvement promptly. You benefit from optimal operability.
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