Integrated logistic support
Structure your work efficiently

Managing material data, creating electronic technical publications, generating spare parts lists - these are all essential processes in your logistics supply chain. Our portfolio of user-friendly software helps you to structure your work efficiently. The integrated IT solutions simplify your core processes – from cataloguing articles through technical documentation to material management.

These ESG software solutions provide you with logistic support:


Codification & Cataloguing

N-CORE facilitates the codification of military material for national codification bureaus, armed services and public authorities. Industry customers can also use the software to manage material, product and service data.

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 Software and service for occupational safety in Germany

With our OSIMA Professional software tool, we offer you a holistic solution approach for the tailored creation and continuation of hazard assessments, including service and consulting.

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Interactive electronic technical publications

  • APART: With this leading application you can create, check and edit spare parts catalogues and lists in accordance with ASD/AIA SPEC S1000D and S2000M.
  • QuILS-Author: This editorial system helps you to create IETP in accordance with ASD/AIA SPEC S1000D.
  • QuILS-Retrieval: This web-based system helps you with documentation searches and logistical resource management.
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The benefits of ESG's applications

  • All software solutions can be combined with one another. The applications can also be used individually.
  • All systems are module-based. We can adapt them to your special requirements.
  • We guarantee an increase in efficiency in logistic processes. You can catalogue your material more effectively and create IETP/IETD faster.
  • The applications comply with relevant international standards and specifications.
  • We use the software for our own logistic services – and incorporate suggestions for improvement promptly. You benefit from optimal operability.
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