Logistic Services
Process support throughout the entire life cycle

central logistic process functions

in supply management

The logistic services offered by ESG accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle of complex, high-tech systems and, from the design, development and introduction into service stages, makes sure that an effective logistic support solution is in place to ensure that your system will achieve the required availability and cost-effectiveness during the in-service phase.

Our services extend from the classical logistic, for example Material Management and Warehouse Management, through to Logistic Support Analysis using simulation or complete System Lifecycle Management.

ESG assumes central logistic process functions in supply management: We control complex logistic networks for disposition, transport, warehousing and data processing.

Managing material data, creating electronic technical publications, generating spare parts lists - these are all essential processes in your logistics supply chain. Our portfolio of user-friendly software helps you to structure your work efficiently.

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