German Heavy Lift Helicopter
CH-47 „Chinook“ for German Armed Forces
In the competition for the heavy lift helicopter, ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY is an integral part of the German industrial team around the manufacturer Boeing. By combining our expertise with the best product available on the market, the CH-47 Chinook, we are able to offer the German Armed Forces a high-performance solution for its requirements, thus further enabling the armed forces in national and allied defence.

ESG in the CH-47 team

Reliable partner for the heavy lift helicopter

For decades, ESG has been assisting the German Armed Forces in the support of flying weapon systems: effective, efficient and customer-specific.
Thanks to its expertise, ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY can provide innovative and highly complex solutions for the German Armed Forces as part of the industrial team with Boeing. These include locally oriented logistics services, which will have a positive impact on the efficiency, reliability and technology of the entire heavy lift helicopter solution. Additional skills, added value and local expertise will be integrated into the highly efficient platform and logistics solution.
ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY will support the heavy lift helicopter throughout its entire life cycle.

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