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ESG InterOp Solutions GmbH, a 100 % subsidiary of ESG, is responsible for the development, integration and operation of complex IT systems. With foresight and proactivity, we implement and support your projects in the fields of defence and security at our sites in Weißenthurm near Koblenz and Wilhelmshaven.

  • From Weißenthurm near Koblenz we support the German Air Force with the air situation monitoring system "Central database for military flight operations / Central air traffic control (ZDmF/ZFÜ)".
  • In Wilhelmshaven we support the German Navy with the conditioning and instantiation tool "I-Sys" as well as with the tool KM!now for the configuration management of the German Navy.

Overall solutions from a single source

Along the Customer Product Management rules and regulations of the public client German Armed Forces, we support the determination, coverage and use of complex IT solutions with our many years of technological expertise. This includes the creation of concepts for logistics, personnel, training and IT security as well as financial requirements analyses, requirements management and the creation of architectures according to the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF).

Our Products


Modern command and weapon deployment systems (FüWES) of the German Navy are increasingly subject to extensive parameterisation. The mission-specific and possibly position-dependent conditioning of such deployment systems through interaction with one or more supplementary data sets influences their mode of action in the functional chains (use of the sensors, analyses, use of the effectors), and above all in automatic processes. Since 2013, we have been providing the conditioning and instantiation tool 'I-Sys' developed by us in order to create system conditioning and configuration.

KmNow! User-oriented workspace for naval configuration management

Using state-of-the-art technology, we support the configuration management processes throughout the development and use phases.

  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Clear display, thanks to tree structures, lists, tabs and filter options
  • Modularity
  • Compatibility, through individual interfaces and automated updates
  • Comprehensive process support for configuration management
Central database for military flight operations / central air traffic control (ZDmF/ZFÜ)

Central database for military flight operations / central air traffic control (ZDmF/ZFÜ)With our comprehensive method and technology know-how, we provide full technical-logistical and developmental support for ZDmF/ZFÜ.

  • Coverage of the entire product life cycle, from the draft stage, architecture, conception, through to the implementation of ZDmF / ZFÜ
  • We tailor and implement customer requirements individually based on state-of-the-art technologies
  • Visualisation of geographical and radar data via AMoS and/or the connection and integration of modules, e.g. from EUROCONTROL
AMoS (Air Monitoring and Surveillance)
  • Integration and processing of condensed geospatial data
  • 3D display and analysis component based on LuciadLightspeed
  • Classic 3-tier system architecture
  • The focus is on processing data according to the ASTERIX standard, other formats, such as ADS-B are possible



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