Secure support for highly mobile operations

TARANIS Smart is our command & control system for highly mobile, discrete operational use. It supports individual members of the police and special forces, rescue and disaster management services or other security authorities and organisations. A seamless connection to the next higher command level is of course provided.

Our system.

Your benefits.

  • Secure mobility at all times.
    TARANIS Smart is optimised for highly mobile use with smartphones and tablets that run on iOS, Android and Blackberry 10 operating systems. With minimal weight and long battery life, it gives your operatives on foot optimal, seamless connectivity to their command.
  • Perfectly networked during operations.
    GSM networks are used as standard for communications, or alternatively any IP equipment of your choice.
  • Alone but still in the group.
    The numerous networking options mean that TARANIS Smart is able, among other things, to connect operatives on foot very easily with their vehicles or their relevant control centre.
  • Always have the full picture.
    TARANIS Smart functionality can be expanded through the use of a large number of support modules. When undertaking an operation, the individual operative can display his current position as well as that of his own team members on a digital map.
  • You determine whom you communicate with.
    The simple configuration ensures that you can define virtual radio circuits and are only in direct contact with users who need you in a specific assignment.
  • Seamless interoperability.
    Our system is fully compatible with the other TARANIS solutions.


TARANIS Smart has the right module for you

  • Basic functions & operating concept
    The intuitive user interface on smartphones and tablets ensures ease and security of use as well as the clear display of information.
  • Communication
    Network as many of the system devices as you wish with each other; flexibly, quickly, and securely.
  • Map
    Use a whole variety of commercial map services and store them on the end devices.
  • Situation
    Display all mission-relevant information in graphical form on the map.
  • Operatives
    All those involved in the operation have an up-to-the minute overview of all the forces involved in the operation at all times.
  • Messages
    Define forms and send messages highly efficiently in near real-time. Increase the information content of your messages by attaching media information.
  • Chat
    Communicate with individual users or defined groups.
  • SOS
    In dangerous situations all it takes is a click of a button to send an SOS with your current position to your own units.
  • Navigation
    You can track your own position and direction of movement on the map, and guide yourself to desired locations at any time.
  • Track recording
    Even while you are on the move, routes can be plotted, edited and categorised, and complete tracks can be imported or exported.
  • Interfaces
    TARANIS Smart can be quickly and easily connected with TARANIS Mobile and TARANIS Centre as well as external systems.
  • Simulation & training
    This allows you to interactively simulate other users or entire command levels so that you can practise and train using TARANIS Mobile.
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