efficient management in crisis and disaster situations

TARANIS Centre is our solution for the senior management levels of security authorities and organisations.

You can use TARANIS Centre with complete flexibility in stationary operational headquarters or alternatively in mobile control centres in operations and disaster areas.


Your benefits.

  • You have the full picture.
    Significantly improve your situational awareness while remaining in contact with everyone involved in the operation. So you make the right decisions faster.
  • Simple and cost-effective to use.
    A web portal gives you access to a whole variety of different information sources. The modular set-up allows easy integration of other portal elements into the web portal, as well as the continued, cost-effective use of existing systems.
  • Your data is secure.
    You can share your information securely since TARANIS Centre offers a seamless connection to other command & control systems and services.
  • Working with all the facts to hand.
    The web portal allows you to select any available services, such as chat, document management, reporting etc., either individually or by incorporating them into a multi-functional view.
  • More than just well networked.
    TARANIS Centre is fully compatible with TARANIS Mobile and TARANIS Smart, and it provides full interoperability with all other command & control systems via web services, groupware and chat.
  • Set up workstations simply and flexibly.
    Our solution gives you total flexibility when it comes to setting up workstations. The web-based approach enables you to set up and activate workstations in a control centre quickly and flexibly.


modules, system, reference

  • Basic functions and operating concept
    The wide range of basic functions and the user-friendly operating concept are specially optimised for use in stationary and mobile control centres.
  • Communications
    Your communications within and outside a control centre are securely provided via IP networks and any IP-based connections you may wish to use.
  • Map
    A whole variety of commercial map services and comprehensive map and terrain calculation functions show you precisely where you are.
  • Situation
    Graphically display all the information relating to the operation on the state-of-the-art digital map.
  • Document management system
    You can easily create, file and identify a whole variety of different documents.
  • Management cockpit
    Automatically produce reports and summaries from various data sources.
  • Chat
    Create a continuous chat room with any users you wish to include, from individuals to the highest command level.
  • Simulation & Training
    Practise using TARANIS Centre by interactively simulating users and command levels.
  • Interfaces
    The service-oriented architecture enables external systems or proprietary interfaces to be easily and quickly connected or integrated.
  • Office integration
    Use any Office suites you want to quickly and smoothly and distribute data via tactical radio networks.
  • Groupware
    E-mails, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes are provided via the groupware module.


Be well-informed when it counts! Whether in disasters, major incidents or just in certain situations, it is always of crucial importance to inform local citizens quickly, comprehensively and openly. ACHTUNG.ESG! is a modern public information system for rapid provision of current information, when required.

The system provides the following functions:

  • Easy compilation and maintenance of data and reports
  • Fast delivery to all information channels (incl. social media) with a single click
  • Also available as an intuitive smartphone app

The public information system ACHTUNG.ESG! is:

  • user-friendly
  • easy to use
  • scalable and expandable
  • secure

As it is a completely web-based application, ACHTUNG.ESG! can be displayed and used with any browser without any extra software installation required. The system is clearly structured in three parts: Backend (web-based server application), frontend (website) and app (iOS & Android).

This solution is, for example, used by the city of Passau under the name ACHTUNG.Passau! as an information management system for special emergencies.


Information management system for special emergency situations: ACHTUNG.Passau!

ESG was commissioned by the Bavarian city of Passau to develop an innovative and high-performance information management system for special emergency situations:  ACHTUNG.Passau! Due to its geographical position between three rivers, the city of Passau has always been subject to severe flooding. In times of such emergency situations, citizens must constantly be kept informed of the current situation. The distribution of the information across various digital channels was previously carried out manually and information updates were not always clear to the reader.

Based on TARANIS Centre, ACHTUNG.Passau! is a web application which can be displayed and used in any browser without requiring any additional software installation. The specially developed website is available at ACHTUNG.PASSAU!. Citizens can install the ACHTUNG.Passau! for free on their Android and iOS smartphones, in order to keep up-to-date with current situation reports while on the move. The relevant information is also simultaneously distributed to  citizens via the social networks Facebook and Twitter, as  well as through well-establised information channels such as e-mail and Passau’s homepage.

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