Overview and fast decision-making for higher command levels

TARANIS Theatre is our solution for higher command levels and your reliable partner for senior decision-makers. You can work with TARANIS Theatre with complete flexibility, both in stationary command centres in the homeland and in mobile command posts in mission areas.


Your benefits.

  • You have the full picture.
    TARANIS Theatre gives you improved situational awareness. You are more than just well networked. Our solution is fully compatible with TARANIS Soldier and TARANIS Battlefield, and it is fully interoperable with other command and control systems.
  • Simple and cost-effective to use.
    A web portal gives you access to a whole variety of different information sources. The modular set-up allows simple integration of COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf), MOTS (Military-Off-The-Shelf) and NOTS (NATO-Off-The-Shelf) solutions into the web portal as well as the continued, cost-effective use of existing systems.
  • Your data is secure.
    You can exchange your information with other organisations and nations securely, as TARANIS Theatre offers a seamless connection to other control and information systems.
  • Being well informed means making the right decisions faster.
    The web portal allows you to select any available services that you require, such as chat, document management, reporting etc., either individually or by incorporating them into a multi-functional view.
  • Set up workstations simply and flexibly.
    TARANIS Theatre gives you total flexibility. Our system is easy to integrate into an existing office environment. The web-based approach enables you to set up and activate workstations quickly and flexibly.

The choice is yours

TARANIS Theatre has the right module for you

  • Basic functions & operating concept
    The numerous basic functions and the user-friendly operating concept have been specially optimised for use in stationary and mobile command posts.
  • Communication
    Communicate via command post networks and IP-based connections.
  • Map
    Use the various COTS/MOTS map services to access comprehensive map and terrain calculation functions.
  • Situation
    Display all mission-relevant information graphically on a digital map.
  • Interoperability
    Our Information Mediation Service (IMS) module supports the most important international standards.
  • Reporting
    Helps you with the automatic creation of reports and summaries.
  • Chat
    Create a continuous chat room with any users that you choose, from individual soldiers to the highest command levels.
  • Simulation & Training
    Interactively simulate other users or entire command levels of your system network in order to practise and train using TARANIS Theatre.
  • Interfaces
    Our service-orientated architecture enables external systems or proprietary interfaces to be easily and quickly connected or integrated.
  • Office Integration
    Integrate any Office suites you want to quickly and easily, and distribute the files which are created via tactical radio networks.
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