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TARANIS Battlefield is our tactical command and control system for mid-level military command. Its variable configuration options allow highly flexible use in mobile command posts and even in vehicles. We adapt this solution to your specific requirements and customise the core system by adding the appropriate modules.


Your benefits.

  • Always by your side. 
    The user interface has large buttons and clear display elements and it is intuitive and easy to use. TARANIS Battlefield is therefore especially suitable for use in time-critical combat situations. Our system has been specially developed so that you can use it anywhere, even in cramped wheeled and tracked vehicles, and it can also be used by individual dismounted soldiers.
  • Highly flexible in use. 
    Tactical command and control systems are used across several command levels, from the individual soldier to the command post. Situations and chains of command change constantly and rapidly in such scenarios. TARANIS Battlefield now enables you to respond at lightning speed: our system is highly flexible and can be quickly adapted to any organisational structures.
  • Near-real-time transmission of information. 
    TARANIS Battlefield supports a large number of communication links and it can also operate effectively in conjunction with narrow bandwidth networks.
  • The full picture for fast decision-making. 
    TARANIS Battlefield provides you with a level-specific, real-time-capable and role-specific situational overview which is based on geolocated data. So you always have an up-to-date overview of the current situation and your situational awareness is significantly enhanced.
  • Optimally networked. 
    All the systems within the TARANIS Solution Suite are fully compatible. The interoperability module provides a link to international command, control and deployment systems.

The choice is yours

TARANIS Battlefield has the right module for you

  • Basic functions & operating concept
    The basic functions, the touchscreen operating concept, and the way the information is displayed are perfectly adapted and designed for mobile use.
  • Communication
    Network as many system devices as you wish with each other – quickly, securely and simply.
  • Map
    A whole variety of different map formats, aerial photographs and map and terrain calculation functions ensure that you never lose your bearings.
  • Situation
    Display all mission-relevant information on the state-of-the-art digital map.
  • Blue Force Tracking
    All users are provided with an overview of the current positions of all the forces involved in the mission at all times.
  • Messages
    Define forms and send messages highly efficiently in near real-time.
  • Chat
    This additional tool allows you to exchange information in real-time in individual or group settings.
  • SOS
    In an emergency you can transmit your current position as an SOS to all your own forces at the touch of a button.
  • Navigation
    With support provided by a large number of military and civilian GPS devices and navigation systems, you can track your own position and direction of movement at any time.
  • Track recording
    Even while you are on the move, routes can be plotted, edited and categorised, and complete tracks can be imported and exported.
  • Visibility calculation
    From any given position and using configurable parameters you can obtain dynamic representations of visible and hidden sections of terrain.
  • Radio coverage calculation
    This module calculates the anticipated radio coverage based on the terrain and provides you with a real-time visual view. 
  • Decision support
    Have targets prioritised according to your chosen criteria and make an engagement proposal.
  • Firefight
    This module assists you with the coordinated processing of multiple target engagements for Joint Fire Support.
  • Mission assessment
    Record all data traffic and trace precisely what information was available at what time. 
  • Interfaces
    The service-orientated architecture enables external systems or proprietary interfaces to be easily and quickly connected.
  • Interoperability
    TARANIS Battlefield supports international standards and its Information Mediation Service (IMS) module links external systems to each other and to TARANIS.
  • Office integration
    Use any Office suites you want to quickly and easily, and distribute the files that are created via tactical radio networks.
  • Time monitoring
    Perform time measurements using the alarm clock, countdown or stopwatch functions.
  • Simulation & Training
    This enables you to interactively simulate users and command levels, and to practise and train using TARANIS Battlefield.


The command, control and communication system KOMMFAST is the latest development based on TARANIS Battlefield. KOMMFAST is a map-centric, touch optimised command & control system specially developed for the lower tactical command level. Quick, easy and secure to use, KOMMFAST gives soldiers in vehicles or on dismounted operations the necessary support they need to manage their operations safely and effectively.



For many years the German Artillery has been using ESG’s tried and tested command, control and weapon deployment system ADLER, which was developed on the basis of TARANIS Battlefield. The newest version – ADLER III – has been specially tailored to the Bundeswehr requirements for Joint Fire Support.

The system is easy to use and provides flexible communications as well as a wide range of decision support functions. Quick and secure information transmission between all sub-systems and across all relevant decision levels is guaranteed. The integrated international ASCA interface enables smooth cooperation with allies across all command levels. A portable version is used for dismounted mobile operations.



The cross-functional navigation software MOBIKAN based on TARANIS Battlefield has been used since 2011 by the German Armed Forces. MOBIKAN is used in deployment and combat vehicles with different navigation systems to assist soldiers in locating routes and destinations and to improve their situational awareness.

For secure navigation MOBIKAN provides numerous functions such as recording of tracks, conversion of tracks into routes, creation of own routes, driving along saved routes or navigation to individual waypoints. The touch-operated software supports a wide range of different military and civilian navigation systems and GPS devices as well as various map formats and geotagged images as a basis for navigation.

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