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With analysis, experimental studies and technology projects, we can support you during every phase of your project. To this end, we develop and operate both manned and unmanned flying experimental carriers and prototypes.

Using the latest simulation tools and demonstrators, we provide precise assessments of technological developments and process optimisation – in order to minimise developmental risks and provide support in decision-making.

Latest technology

and support in every phase of your project

Our models of cockpits and ground stations for manned and unmanned flying systems are fitted with the latest technology. We simulate a wide variety of aircraft, cockpit functions, tasks and missions in order to evaluate their effectiveness before developing them.

Efficient, functioning processes are crucial to the long-term success of an avionic system. We will advise you on ensuring process reliability, quality and configuration management and the certification of your systems. We also provide direct, on-site support for the implementation of your system.

We respond to the demands of your individual project, paying particular attention to effective configuration and data management (CaDM). This allows us to ensure the systematic coordination of all project data throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. In addition, we cover all aspects of the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and ensure that all elements of ILS will be considered during the whole product lifecycle.

THE ADVANTAGES OF USING ESG as a technology and process Consultant

  • We provide you with manufacturer-independent advice. We use objective analysis, technological consulting, test assemblies and system comparisons to find the best solution for you.
  • You benefit from the comprehensive, expert knowledge and implementation expertise of our highly qualified staff.
  • We will work out what you need: our intimate understanding of the field means that we are fully familiar with all required processes and regulations.
  • We provide you with advice and support throughout the entire lifecycle of the avionic system, and remain your first point of contact both before and after development.
  • We see cost-effective system development as a matter of course.
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