Providing support in all areas of simulation
Comprehensive training
is the foundation of a successful mission

As a Special Systems Company for avionics systems, we know and understand the technical demands placed on training equipment.

We will act as your partner, providing support in all areas of simulation, designing and implementing the optimum training content and equipment for your flight and technical / logistic personnel.

We use our modular architecture

to build scalable training equipment

Our comprehensive systems expertise in the field of aircraft and simulation technology allows us to model modern avionics systems accurately down to the last detail.

We use our modular architecture to build scalable training equipment – from the Part-Task Trainer to the Flight Training Device – affordably and effectively. Our high-quality simulators include tactical environment simulations for optimum mission rehearsal.

OUR SERVICES in the field of simulation and training

  • Analysis of training requirements
  • Training concepts, preparation and implementation
  • Computer and Web-Based Training (CBT/WBT)
  • Virtual Desktop Trainer
  • Part-Task Trainer (PTT)
  • Flight & Navigation Procedure Trainer (FNPT)
  • Flight Training Device


  • Helicopter Pilot Screening System (FPS-H)
  • Sea Lynx MK88A Cockpit Procedure Trainer (CPT)
  • CH-53GA CPT for Ground Crew Training
  • Desktop Procedure Trainer UH Tiger
  • MATT Multiple Aircraft Tactical Trainer
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