Facts & Figures
Decades of experience, a powerful network and reliable service provision wherever required: Our key facts and figures at a glance.

1967 in Munich

ESG Group: 2000

ESG Group: 332 million Euro (2019)

9 sites in Germany and USA

Board of Management:
Jörg Ohlsen
Christoph Otten
Dr. Mihaela Seidl

Chairman of the Supervisory Board:
Alexander Schemann

ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY is partner for homeland and national security organisations. Independent from manufacturers, we support public sector customers by developing, producing, maintaining and supporting security-relevant systems, mission equipment, software and IT.

Partner for Homeland and National security organisations

Worldwide we deliver and operate tailored products and solutions that create security. We focus on the domains air, land, sea, cyber, medical and logistics.

ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY meets all requirements for project execution to an excellent standard, because we know that the developed solution can protect lives when the need arises. To achieve this, our specialists work side by side with our customers to develop their optimal solution.

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